Our smartphones spy on us

Our smartphones spy on us

FFilmmaker Dinesh D’Souza’s hit documentary 2,000 slippers exposed a mind-boggling level of widespread voter fraud in the 2020 U.S. election. The film, released May 20, showed evidence of fraud using footage from ballot smugglers’ cameras and geolocation data from smartphones.

2,000 slippers exposes voter fraud and how closely we are tracked via our mobile devices.

Many companies use geolocation data from our phones. If you have “location services” enabled, you are being tracked. Most mobile devices are manufactured to include a Global Positioning System (GPS) recipient. This technology allows your device to receive signals from satellites. Thanks to these signals, your device can pinpoint your exact location.

Companies like Google and Facebook store and analyze our location data to improve their services and use it for advertising purposes. Some of these companies sell location data to other companies. The Markup, a non-profit organization, has identified at least 47 companies which “collect, sell or trade mobile phone location data”.

Using location data, the movements of the most powerful people in the world can be tracked. In a revealing report published in 2019, the New York Times showed how they were able to track US President Donald Trump using geolocation data. According to New York Times, the Central Intelligence Agency and the National Security Agency do not allow staff to use personal phones inside agency headquarters.

Military and government agencies sometimes use location data for their investigations. The US Constitution prohibits companies from providing location data to the government without a warrant. But when someone in a government agency disregards the Constitution, what stops them from misusing data?

Your geolocation data is like your dna. You take your phone with you almost everywhere you go. Your phone identifies you. If a company or government agency wanted to falsely target someone, having access to their location in real time would be a dangerous opportunity.

Court documents suggest that the Federal Bureau of Investigation used geolocation data from Google to identify people who may have entered the US Capitol on January 6, 2021. Wired claims they found “45 federal criminal cases that cite Google geolocation data to place suspects inside the US Capitol on January 6.”

“While Google receives more than 10,000 geofencing warrants for US location data a year, those covering the Capitol breach appear to have been particularly productive, apparently allowing the FBI to build a large searchable database in its hunt for rioters,” Wired reported. In a politically charged climate, it’s easy to see how an intelligence agency could use geolocation data to spy on someone they disagree with.

The Internal Revenue Service purchased location data in 2017 and 2018 without a warrant. He bought location data from data broker Venntel in an attempt to identify people who may have illegally withheld taxes. Bringing tax evaders to justice is a good thing, but using citizens’ location data without a warrant is a dangerous precedent.

Several US senators have spoken out against the irs. Senators Ron Wyden and Elizabeth Warren wrote a letter to the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration, warning: “The irs is not above the law and agency attorneys must never provide irs here investigators with permission to bypass the courts and engage in warrantless surveillance of Americans.

But the FBI and irs are not the only government agencies to have used location data for their investigations. It is reported that the here, nosthe Department of Defense, the Department of Homeland Security, the Secret Service, and many local police departments have all purchased location data.

It’s a “dystopian nightmare,” Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul said. “I sense the fear of a power-drunk intelligence community, unrepentant and unwilling to relinquish power. … I am honestly worried, concerned about who is really in charge of our government.

There are politicians in the US government who despise the Constitution and consider it outdated. Most do not understand that there is no freedom without law. To a large extent, the Constitution has been a bulwark against tyranny. Without the rule of law, there is tyranny.

“Do you realize how deadly this tendency towards anarchy is?” writing Trumpet editor Gerald Flurry in America under attack. “Very few people do. But it does provide profound insight into the real nature of the threat facing America today.

“[G]government tyranny is common in human history,” he continues. “Let’s not be naive and think something like this could never happen here. Our ancestors weren’t stupid. They wanted to guarantee the freedom of Americans. They really knew that God was a God of freedom; He wants us to be free. It is a gift from God, and they understood it!

The framers of the Constitution understood human nature better than we do today. This is why they wrote a document largely based on the law of God. Because of its biblical basis, Mr Flurry says he believes ‘it is the noblest document ever written by any government in this world’.

Today, the Constitution is under attack. To understand this attack and the spiritual reality behind the erosion of freedom in America, you need the perspective provided by Bible prophecy. If you haven’t already, please request and read Mr. Flurry’s free booklet America under attack.