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January DIY: books to help you DIY anything

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Depending on where you live, January can be one of the rainiest and coldest months of the year. Since we’re stuck inside, it’s easy to notice things around the house that could use some improvement. The peeling paint, the broken chair leg, the fraying sweater you’ve been planning to fix for months; it’s like they’re looking at you from across the room. However, knowing how to fix these little problems is not a skill for everyone. Again. Who to turn to if not the books? There are books for everything in the sun, including home improvement and DIY projects.

Maybe you just need a hobby to occupy your mind and your hands. Before soap making, quilting, or knitting were the hobbies we know today, they were everyday skills people needed to feed, clothe, and warm their homes. When you search for books on your favorite and new hobbies, you will be surprised at how many authors have learned their trade from family members. DIY could be the 21st century to seek independence and fun, but these skills have been around much longer. Try out new skills with these books in January and see what else you can learn to do on your own!

Knit for Radical Self Care Cover

Knitting for Radical Self-Care by Brandi Cheyenne Harper

This beautiful book of knitting patterns comes with essays on creativity and self-care. Each design was inspired by a radical woman of color. Harper notices about every woman and the impact their life has on our world. Harper’s step-by-step instructions and loving prose make this book a craftsman’s delight.

Adorable felted animal blanket

Adorable felted animals by Yuko Sukada

Learn how to create adorable felt creatures with this step-by-step guide. The 43 felting projects include a fluffy alpaca, little hedgehog, and pencil-shaped woodland creatures. Master the basics first before moving on to the delicate details of feathers, markings and antlers.

Salt covers and scrubs for homemade bath bombs

Homemade bath bombs salts and scrubs by Kate Bello

Improve your self-care game with this easy-to-follow recipe book for bath products. Create soothing scrubs, bath salts and sparkling bath bombs at home using natural ingredients. Bello’s instructions are concise and contain general information about the benefits of the various components.

The cover of the Tunisian crochet manual

The Tunisian crochet manual by Toni Lipsey

Using accessible and modern language, Lipsey brings Tunisian crochet to new artisans in this step-by-step guide. This book is designed to develop skills in rewarding ways, with new points and skill models incorporated. Detailed explanations and instructions, full photos, and great templates make this book a must-have on your craft shelf.

Good clean fun by Nick Offerman

Good clean fun by Nick Offerman

Have you ever wanted to simply to construct Something? This full-color guide contains projects for both novice and experienced carpenters. Between learning how to make your own canoe, kazoo, or pencil holder, Offerman shares family stories, recipes, and often hilarious ideas from his workshop.

Our Manufacturer Life Cover

Our Maker Life Edited by Jewell Washington, our Maker Life community

From the online knitting and crochet collective, Our life as a creator comes this charming book of patterns and artistic inspiration. Meet the fiber artists behind Our life as a creator, reading their personal pattern creation stories and being inspired by the world around them. Detailed patterns for knitting and crochet, and colorful photographs are inspiration for your next project.

hill house living book cover

Hill House Living by Paula Sutton

Live your cottagecore dreams with this illustrated guide from stylist and blogger Sutton. With simple, economical gardening tips, recipes, and projects, Sutton will teach you how to organize the mindful, slow-moving lifestyle you’ve always wanted.

Engineer Tape Cover

Engineer Duct Tape by Lance Akiyama

Remember those highly enviable duct tape wallets? This book shows you how to go beyond the simple bill fold. Learn how to create furniture, accessories, and even a slingshot with this in-depth guide. Akiyama walks readers through the basics of cutting, shaping, and placing duct tape with diagrams, photos, and helpful tips. With just a few extra supplies, you’ll be ready to build anything with duct tape!

Witch Crafting Manual Cover

The Handbook of Witchcraft by Helena Garcia

In addition to his pastry book, Great British Pastry Fair Former Helena Garcia also created this magical craft book based on her experience as a craftswoman and her passion for all that is magical. With projects and recipes inspired by traditional folklore, this book will allow you to create accessories, remedies and magical delicacies for any occasion.

Ultimate Guide to Home Repair and Improvement Coverage

Ultimate Guide to Home Repair and Improvement from Creative Homeowner

Whether you’re returning your entire home or just doing a few repairs, this book can guide you. Follow practical instructions on over 300 projects. Many photos and illustrations accompany the latest edition. Basic skills and information are also included in this reference book. Be careful though, this is only a guide. If something is too dangerous to do on your own or beyond your skill set, call in the professionals!

Now you can do it all, don’t you? There’s a lot more to learn, just visit our DIY archives for more inspiration, like how to build your own built-in shelves and DIY book racks! Which project will you take on first?

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