'Fixer to Fabulous' highlights trend set to be huge in 2022

‘Fixer to Fabulous’ highlights trend set to be huge in 2022

The hosts of “Fixer to Fabulous”, Dave and Jenny Marrs, are experts at designing trends that reflect the times, and their latest makeover highlights what we all crave this year: a vacation to distant lands.

In the Season 3 episode “Boring Rancher to Bungalow”, Jenny and Dave meet Ted and Suzanne Lennard, empty nests that love to travel the world.

Their ranch in Bentonville, AR, however, where they’re stuck right now, seems sorely lacking in an exotic vibe. Fortunately, they have a big budget of $ 230,000 to fix this problem.

Watch how Jenny and Dave reinvent this simple old house into a Mediterranean-style villa filled with European charm. The makeover offers a lot of inspiration on how you can create more vacation vibes under your own roof (and besides, too).

A Spanish-style roof adds a European touch

A brick house
This 1954 house had a lot of red bricks.


When Ted and Suzanne show Dave and Jenny their house for the first time, they explain that they are ready for a big change on the outside.

“We love the eclectic look, because we’ve traveled a lot, so we’d love to see that here,” says Suzanne.

Jenny gets to work giving this old exterior a worldly flair, noting that a new roof will have the biggest impact.

“The first step for a Spanish bungalow: a Spanish tiled roof,” she says.

Spanish bungalow style
With paint and a new roof, this house is transformed into a Spanish bungalow.


Spanish tiles are generally not a practical choice for homes, as the tiles are very heavy, but Jenny finds new faux Spanish tiles much lighter.

When the exterior is finished, the house is completely different. The painted brick, wooden front door and faux Spanish tiling give it the feeling of a real getaway.

This roof looks like a real Spanish tile.


Tiling can add an exotic touch to exterior steps

These tiles were handmade by a family friend.


To finish off the exterior, Jenny and Dave want to fix the porch and front steps. Jenny has a fun idea for adding some color to the entryway.

“Ted and Suzanne have a very eclectic and global style,” she says. “So I know they will love the handmade tiles from a local craftsman. “

She asks a family friend, Rainy bray, to make unique tiles for the steps. The addition of tiles gives the exterior a personal touch and a splash of color, proof that even small changes can have a big impact.

Vault the ceiling for a grandiose feel

This blue living room was cramped.


Inside the house, Dave and Jenny find a blue living room with a low ceiling.

“This house is going to have that global, Mediterranean, eclectic feel, and I think it starts with the ceiling,” says Jenny. “I would love to have a wood treatment up there, I want to make beams, something.”

After: Now the living room is grandiose.


Dave and Jenny have vaulted ceilings, showcasing beautiful wood patterns under the roof. It also makes the room bigger, brighter and more impressive.

vaulted ceiling
Dave and Jenny Marrs add a chandelier to the classic charm.


Make your dining table also function as a kitchen island

The kitchen did not appear to have been updated.


Ted and Suzanne want to be able to entertain all of their family and friends at home, so they hope to set up a large dining table in their small kitchen.

While it may seem impossible to fit a table for 10 into this small space, Dave and Jenny know from personal experience that it is possible, if they make the table into a kitchen island.

As Jenny explains, “We use our table. It’s basically the center of our kitchen, and we use it as an island.

Dave builds a large dining table for Ted and Suzanne’s kitchen which allows for plenty of seating for large dinners. At the same time, it serves as additional counter space for preparing meals.

It’s a smart solution that shows that even small homes can have the functionality of an island and a large dining table if combined into one.

kitchen table
Dave built this beautiful kitchen table.


Use old materials for a yesteryear look

recovered door
Jenny and Dave are happy to find this old door again.


Jenny and Dave love to reuse materials, so when they find an old door in their rental property, they’re happy to use it for Suzanne and Ted’s new pantry. Jenny even says the door looks Spanish, with the arch and natural wood.

“I can’t believe the glass is intact,” Jenny said. “And it’s beautiful. It’s a really cool old door, it feels authentic in a Spanish bungalow.

pantry door
This slim door is perfect for a pantry.


Once the pantry door is installed, it looks like it was made for this house. Dave calls it a perfect fit, saying it is a perfect match for the style Jenny is aiming for.

“It’s always a plus when you can get something back and give it a new home,” he adds.

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