A look at Brother Jonathan's wedding plans

A look at Brother Jonathan’s wedding plans

Jonathan scott and Zooey deschanel may have bought a house together before hanging on, but that doesn’t mean they don’t intend to walk down the aisle. And the latest “Property Brothers: Forever Home” gives a glimpse of what the big wedding day will be like!

In the Season 6 episode “90s Builder Upgrade”, draw scott asks Jonathan to become her wedding officiant.

“I could make your wedding,” he suggests. However, Jonathan refuses it.

“You’re going to have way too much homework as a witness, so no, you can’t do both,” says Jonathan.

This romantic subject seems appropriate, since their last clients, Sarah and Jeans, got married in their home. Still, the house is now way overdue for a few updates, and the couple are struggling to agree on a style. While Sarah likes light and bright finishes, John wants a dark and moody look.

Armed with a renovation budget of $ 170,000, the Scott brothers find a decor balance that everyone loves. Find out how they’re doing, plus some smart take-home lessons that can help any couple (maybe even Jonathan and his lovely bride-to-be).

Before: This living room was bland and dated.


Sarah and John made fond memories in their home; they exchanged their vows in front of the fireplace. Still, this feature, while romantic, looks dated and in need of a facelift – and Jonathan and Drew are happy to help.

When it becomes clear that Sarah and John can’t agree on a color scheme, the brothers help them compromise by building a beautiful white fireplace with black details for storage on either side.

“We’re going to incorporate the highlights Sarah likes in the tiles and walls, and the darker tones John prefers in the black frames,” says Drew. “It will be the perfect marriage of their two styles, which is fitting as they got married right in front of this fireplace.”

After: The Scott brothers are able to find a stylish compromise between light and dark.


A light kitchen with dark accents is spacious and has personality

Before: With an awkward island, this kitchen seemed extra small.


Sarah and John’s kitchen is a ’90s nightmare with cramped layout, an odd two-level island, and dated wood tones. Drew and Jonathan know they’ll need to update the space, but they’re unsure whether to add white cabinets like Sarah wants, or go for John’s darker style.

Ultimately, they decide to make this tiny kitchen feel bigger with light elements and dark accents throughout. They are installing black pendant lights, black cabinet handles and even black chairs on the island. John is delighted to see how much bigger the kitchen is.

After: Now the kitchen looks big and bright.


“The old kitchen in this house was a cramped relic from the 90s that didn’t represent that family at all,” says Jonathan. “We offer them a magnificent chef’s kitchen with superb quartz countertops and a matching backsplash. And, with a big new island, they’ll have more than enough room and seating to entertain friends or feed a group of rowdy kids.

A glass barn door lets in light but blocks out noise

barn door
This glass barn door offers a bit of separation between rooms.


Drew and Jonathan want to be able to separate the kitchen from the dining room, so they come up with a door design that will allow for some privacy while still keeping the house open.

“During the Inspiration Tour, Sarah and John found they love the look of a sleek, dark metallic accent, especially around the glass,” Drew said. “So we wanted to integrate that into the design. “

The brothers come up with a solution that also fits in with the popular trend for modern farmhouses – a sliding glass barn door. The black matches John’s style and matches the black metal in the living room. Plus, it lets light into that space and can easily open or close depending on when Sarah and John want noise reduction.

“You always get the light,” Jonathan says. “Or open it, and it looks like art on the wall.”

A simple bench can be used as a cloakroom

dinner table
Before: The dining table blocked the entrance to the backyard.


With two young children, Rhett and Claire, and a large backyard, this family probably struggles with muddy boots and tracks in the snow during the Canadian winter. The Scots know that a locker room near the back door would be ideal, but there is no space. Instead, they remove the dining table and replace it with a handy bench with storage underneath.

back door
After: Now there’s a great place for the kids to sit down and take off their muddy boots.


It’s a smart alternative to the changing room, as the bench allows children to take off their boots.

“Rhett and Claire won’t have to drag snow around the house in the winter anymore,” says Jonathan. “They will have a place to sit, take off their boots and put them away.”

Add a tiling declaration in the entrance

This tile blends beautifully with the new wood floor.


To complete this mini cloakroom, the brothers add tiling near the door. This tile will be easy to clean after removing muddy shoes. It is also a unique and beautiful feature that complements the new hardwood.

“We’re giving this family a really cool tile element near their new back door that will blend in perfectly with the hardwood flooring we’re laying,” says Drew. “It will be a really personalized touch that will help give this house its own original style.

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