5 interesting Pixel 6 features that are also available for other smartphones

5 interesting Pixel 6 features that are also available for other smartphones

As usual, Google is readying a new version of Android in the form of Android 13. The new update may not be a breakthrough release, as it is all about refining what the company has introduced with Android 12. Last year’s update was one of the biggest. Since Android 9 Pie, now Google will continue to improve the formula with Android 13. The new version will bring a bunch of cool refreshes and additions. As usual, the Pixel 6 series will be among the first smartphones to get the new features.

We are also expecting a few exclusive features for Pixel smartphones. After all, these devices are Google’s best advertisement for Android. The Pixel 6 series has been around for a while, but users are still trying to experience all the lineup has to offer. In this article (Going through), we will list 5 exciting new features available with the Pixel 6 series. It should be noted that these features are also available for some Android smartphones and you can experience them.

The 5 best Pixel 6 features are also available for other Android smartphones

True Tone Filters

As usual, Google continues to try to improve the camera experience with its smartphones. Although the Pixel 6 series brings significant hardware upgrades, the real secrets are in the software. As usual, the Google Camera app brings a lot of great features, and some of them are exclusive to Pixel handsets. Among the interesting features available for the Pixel 6 series, we have the Real Tone filters. The feature provides accurate skin tones for more people. It is also available on many more smartphones.

In Google Photos, you just need to edit a phone, go to filters and you will find Real Tone filters. There is Playa, Honey, Isla, Desert, Clay and Palma. You can also tap a filter to adjust its intensity. It makes a difference in skin tones and environmental tones.

Folder locked

Folder locked

Another great feature available for the Pixel 6 series and some Android smartphones is Locked Folders. The feature is available for the Google Photos app and lets you move certain photos to a locked folder. Just go to a photo you want to move and swipe up, then tap the option to move to locked folder.

Once you move the photo to the locked folder, it will not be saved, it will not appear in the photo grid. In addition, you will not be able to find it through the search bar or through certain applications such as WhatsApp, Telegram or Instagram. The folder is really hidden.

To access the locked folder, you’ll need to go to the library in Google Photos and scroll down. You can use a fingerprint, PIN or pattern to access your locked personal photos.

Grammatical correction

This feature is really interesting and useful for many Android users through Gboard. If you make a typo, the keyboard will highlight the correct word in the top bar. It’s interesting when you write something that shouldn’t contain errors. It is also useful for normal conversations. It’s simple, just go to Gboard’s settings, text correction and, at the bottom of the page, activate the “Spelling and grammar checker” options.


Surveillance image mode

Another cool feature that comes with the Pixel 6 is Image Lookout mode. This is a useful accessibility feature on Android. It is an Explore tab, it allows users to use the camera to detect objects in the surroundings and let you know what they are. The mode lets you take any image from your gallery and describe it for you. It’s not perfect at the moment, it’s a nice addition to Android’s accessibility features. Maybe future updates will make it even more useful.

Screen Time Widget

Google is trying to improve the usability of its native widgets. The company recently introduced a new YouTube Music widget, a new Battery widget, and a new Digital Wellbeing widget. The latter is available in three different sizes and allows you to check the total screen time of the three main applications that you have used throughout the day. The feature allows to get an idea of ​​the use of the screen without needing to go to the settings of the smartphone. You will get interesting information right from your home screen.

Portrait blur

Finally, we close this list with Portrait Blur. The depth camera sensor is basically found in every smartphone released in the last couple of years. Manufacturers tend to overlook ultra-wide snappers, while advanced sensors like telephoto and periscope are only available in high-end devices. The depth is always present, even in low-end smartphones. Unfortunately, the blur effect brought by some of these sensors is quite bad. Luckily, Google Photos now lets you add the portrait blur effect manually. It’s better than many native solutions.

To access it, simply take any photo in Google Photos and tap Edit. You will get the portrait suggestion which automatically adds the blur effect. Alternatively, you can head to the tools and add the blur effect manually. It’s a good feature, but there’s still room for improvement. You can also adjust the effect via the depth option. The feature is available for Pixel devices, but Android users with Google One subscriptions can also access it.